The first comprehensive rate formula, to help you price yourself with ease and confidence 

Imagine if calculating your rate for a brand partnership was as easy as plugging a few numbers and tapping a few buttons...

That's exactly what we're trying to solve.

Yeah, it's literally that easy.

Hi! I'm Lissette.

And I Iove talking about money.

In 2018, I went viral by opening up about the spending that happens in the influencer industry. From that moment on, I took it upon myself to create with radical transparency on the topic.

I also had the upper hand in navigating the influencer marketing industry as the creator because I was always on the brand side at the same time — 10 years today to be exact.

It allowed me to have a clear roadmap to how to turn this into a full-time business, with a peek behind the curtains of what sets people apart on social media.

And as both creator and brand, working with more than 150 creators to date, everything I put out has a 360 view of influencer marketing and a true industry standard in mind.

I want to make the learning curve shorter for people so you can start monetizing your influence sooner, while knowing and owning your worth.

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Access to The Creator Calculator, which is a proprietary, education-backed formula for calculating your rate. The user experience is via a plug-and-play tool to guide you through pricing yourself for brand partnerships.

And an introduction video that guides you through how-to-use, as well as light recommendations for the negotiation process.